Features of seamless underwear

Update:03 Nov
The edge of the underwear is worn on the body and no trace of underwear can be seen. That is the concept of non-marking, that is non-marking underwear. The so-called seamless underwear is basically a one-shot underwear produced by weft knitting using novel special equipment. It uses high-tech technology to produce high-elastic knitted outerwear, underwear and high-elastic sportswear to make the neck, waist, and hips There is no need for seams in other parts, and only the patching process is required in the crotch part as a subsequent process. It combines comfort, thoughtfulness, fashion, and change into one, which not only makes consumers love it, but also deeply touches many international famous brand designers and becomes a source of inspiration.
Three-dimensional shaped underwear has always been a part of the European and American clothing underwear industry. Its quality of less cutting, less seams, and comfortable fit has always been favored by female friends. In the market, the list prices of seamless underwear are also included in high-unit-price products.
The clothes, that is, the seams on both sides of the waist are gone, the neck is also not seamed in the entire circle, and the sides of the underwear are not seamed.
According to the design and development of panties, the current trend is to wear with low-waist culottes, fashion panties that do not leave any traces on the back buttocks. Fashionable underpants are tailored to lift the buttocks, modify the buttocks curve, and naturally lift the buttocks to show a beautiful buttocks shape.
This kind of underwear is made of cotton, nylon and other materials with more Lycra fiber fabrics from DuPont’s former subsidiary NVIDIA. It can be partially hollow and has unique elastic fibers. It is particularly absorbent and breathable when worn on the body. It is silky and comfortable. Dressed by women of all ages.
There are flat-leg pants, briefs, thongs, etc. for seamless underwear.
A kind of mini panties, also known as T-shaped pants, a thorough Western naturalistic genre, breaking through traditional concepts. Especially worn with jeans and leggings, it will not leave a mark on the hips, real seamless underwear.