What is the role of shapewear?

Update:03 Nov
1. Used for varicose veins of lower extremities
This type of shapewear generally focuses on shaping the lower limbs. It is used to prevent and treat discomforts such as protruding blood vessels and pain caused by varicose veins of the lower limbs caused by standing for a long time.

2. Used for gynecological caesarean section or natural childbirth
Shapewear can assist breast swelling, uterine contraction, and skin elasticity shrinkage caused by sudden changes in hormones for parts that are generally concentrated on the chest, abdomen, and lower limbs, which have large changes in appearance due to pregnancy and childbirth.

3. Help women get rid of bad habits and improve their body shape. Shapewear can help women improve their body shape, such as hunched back, sagging breasts, flat breasts, prominent appetites, bucket waists, fat buttocks, flat buttocks, thick thighs, carrot legs, and so on. Shapewear is to make the body shape perfect by removing fat. Wearing shapewear for a long time will improve the body shape very well. At the same time, the shapewear has a binding effect on the body, thereby helping women control their appetite and achieve the effect of slimming. Although there is a certain weight loss effect, the shapewear is definitely not a weight loss clothing. To lose weight in the true sense is to eat less and exercise more. Body sculpting is just a perfect body shape to aid weight loss.