How to choose the right underwear?

Update:03 Nov
1. Is there a stylish dress? The main function of underwear is to support the breasts and make the breasts look more stylish and plump, which can well modify our body. Therefore, the underwear cup needs to completely wrap our breasts and conform to our breast shape. The breasts will not run out of the underwear cup and have a good fixation effect.
2. The elasticity of the shoulder strap. The restraint force of the shoulder strap is also an important criterion to judge whether it is comfortable and natural to wear. When we try on the new bra, we put our fingers on the inside of the shoulder strap and slide it up and down to see if there is a feeling of pressure. If there is a feeling of pressure, it means that the straps are too tight and relax appropriately; if there is no feeling, it means Your shoulder strap has fallen off your upper shoulder and needs to be tightened properly to achieve the most suitable comfort.
3. Fabrics and materials. The material is the direct communication medium between underwear and body skin. This direct physical contact also largely determines the quality and comfort of underwear. Only high-quality and comfortable fabrics and structures match each other to achieve the best upper body effect. Good materials also determine the appearance and texture of the underwear, and the specific design of the appearance is that the radish and greens have their own loves.